Honorary President                     Kenneth Morton


Officers of the Association

Chairman                               Arthur Harris

Vice Chairman                           Sylvia Stanway

Treasurer                                          Christine Gregory

Secretary                                           Sheila Hall

Health and safety officer                    Ken Morton

Bookings secretary                            Sheila Hall

Membership secretary                       Sylvia Stanway

Fundraising Committee

Maureen Horton, Olive Morton, Christine Gregory, Sue Hughes, Sheila Hall


Community Worker                         Sheila Hall

Youth Worker and
playscheme co-ordinator                 Emma Archbold

Voluntary youth workers                 Sylvia Stanway; Cara Suckling

Voluntary Admin Assistant              Nicola Westwood

Day Centre Cook                            Maureen Horton

Voluntary day centre assistants       Diane Silvers, Andrew Hopkins, Arthur Harris, Gemma 




























































































Charity Number 522842
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